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February 07 2018



if you’re in a fandom fuck you 

that’s fair


Trying to convince yourself to stop having intense paranoia abt everything like



I wonder where the break happened that such wide swaths of younger fans don’t grasp fandom things that used to be unspoken understandings. That fic readers are expected to know fiction from reality,  that views expressed in fic are not necessarily those of the author, that the labels, tags and warnings on various kinkfics are also the indication that they were created for titillation and not much more, please use responsibly as per all pornography. The ‘problem’ isn’t that so-called ‘problematic’ fic exists but that some of the audience is being stupid, irresponsible, at worst criminal, at best not old enough to be in the audience to begin with. And that’s on the consumer, not the author who told you via labels, tags, ratings, warnings and venues what their fic was about and what it was for.







Gordon Ramsay: calls people ‘darling’ and ‘sweetheart’ as it tends to be used as a friendly term in the UK and he only ever uses it in the friendly way

Gremlins: hes a mysoginist he doesn’t respect women at all :///

Gordon Ramsay: Cooks steak for a woman who was practically starving herself with a weird diet that cut out meat as she’d started working at a zoo that caused her to develop a gluten and dairy intolerance (shed only eat a baked potato or gluten free pasta with pesto and little else) who said she actually does enjoy meat but only if it was 100% organically and lovingly raised, goes through where and how the animal he’d gotten the meat from was raised with her, agrees that mass producing meat is a disgusting industry, raised two pigs himself in his back garden with love and care and cried when he had to send them to the slaughter house, calls chefs out on serving vegetarians things with meat products, is disgusted with frivolous shit like shark fin soup and any other food that involves senselelessly injuring or killing endangered animals for only a tiny bit of their meat

Gremlins: he couldn’t give a shit about vegetarians he hates them :///////

Gordon Ramsay: only screams, yells and swears at lazy, filthy, cheeky chefs who claim to be professionals with years of experience who can’t seem to follow the basic rules of hygiene/food preparation, is very gentle and encouraging with people who are still learning including children, is always ALWAYS respectful to wait staff (in the amy’s baking company episode when he learned that the owners were taking the tips of their one waiter he gave her his directly in front of them and also called them out on it in front of the customers too) and always starts off civilly until people give him shit

Gremlins: hes so over the top and verbally abusive ://///////////////////////// even top chefs can learn from their mistakes hes just a bully ://////

gordon ramsay is a good boy who did nothing wrong

I think these people need to watch clips of Kitchen Nightmares on Youtube.

The people he yells at often ripping off and sometimes even nearly poisoning customers.

There was one incident where bad lobster made someone so sick he had to call an Ambulance to the restaurant.

And never forget Amy’s Baking Company who was stealing tips from the waiters and waitresses

There was a hotel with the same thing going on.

Dude was running it into the ground so bad giving all his friends free rooms, food, and drink and couldn’t even pay his staff and because most of his business was comped for his buddies. 

He was taking from the tip jar whenever he helped on the floor on top of it.

Gordan found out one group of his friends left hundreds of dollars that was supposed to be passed out to the staff as big tips and he downright pocketed it.

So basically, people who complain about Gordon Ramsey know jack shit about Gordon Ramsey


I think it’d be amusing if the Dream Daddy fandom mirrored what happened in the Yuri on ice fandom.

Remember how after Yuri on ice ended the majority started reading Killing Stalking? What if all the Dream Daddy fans went to Dramatical Murder?

Now that would be interesting.



when my computer decides to deny me access because of “admin restrictions”

As someone who works in IT, nothing has ever been a bigger mood than this.

February 06 2018

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the ol’ razzle dazzle


February 05 2018



Remember to stay close to that which heals and sustains you.

It would be nonsensical to call a fish a “glutton” for needing so much water.

It’s also absurd to call a person “lazy” for doing what makes them fulfilled enough to continue on with life.

Take the time to do what you care about and feel no shame in doing so.

take the time to do
what you care about and feel
no shame in doing so

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We know how much Katara misses Aang, but have you ever stop to think how much she misses Sokka?

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February 04 2018

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Hanzo unfinished painting I made weeks ago, I might add colors later :c

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Dungeons & Dragons is just a really complicated game of “Fuck, Marry, Kill.”

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im just gonna leave this here…

February 02 2018

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???? Far away, hot, everything wants to kill me.


Forrest Gump

Cow corn and lebron james

between LA and San Diego.

canada’s texas


King Neptune



Fucked up weather, everyone’s passive aggressive

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