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May 22 2018

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A modern day duel.

Fucking amazing

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Futaba, while wiretapping Leblanc: Why does it sound like they’re talking with a cat?

Futaba: Why is one of them *arguing* with the cat??

Futaba: Why is one of them LOSING an argument with the cat????








youd think horses were one of those animals that has horrible health due to humans breeding unhealthy animals to achieve a certain look but no they really are just naturally that fucked up

horses’ lungs bleed when they run at a certain speed

if their diet is too rich / low in selenium their hooves fall off

excuse me

The reason they have such poor health outcomes after breaking or otherwise injuring their legs is because their legs are actually hyper-specialized fingers; and as in human fingers, there is very little muscle supporting the bone, just a lot of cartilage and tendons and whatnot. You’d think an animal that literally evolved to run away to avoid being eaten would have ALSO evolved sturdier running appendages, but…

I fucking hate this post, it’s 1 AM I don’t want to know that horse legs are giant fucking fingers

Also if temperatures fluctuate too intensely and rapidly, it fucks up their digestive track and since they can’t throw up they basically just die instead

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a weapon to surpass metal gear

do you want to try prime





ok but imagine a roomba that’s programmed to react positively when being scratched or petted 

#or a roomba that’s programmed to recognize their owner and drive up to them for no other reason than to be petted

roomba company, please make this happen

I have a Neato Botvac that has an optical sensor to find its way around (Roombas just bump into things and derps off in a random direction) and yesterday it did its “dee-dummm” sad noise while under the couch, stopped what it was doing, and hummed over to me and stopped beside my chair, with its error message saying, “Please dust me off so I can see.” I wiped it off and sent it on its way, and it did its “doo doo do doooo!” of happiness and finished the living room.

It’s never done that before, but I like to think that I’ve gained its trust over the past few months, and it knows it can come to me for help.

How to finish that last minute assignment








I can not count the number of times this trick has saved my ass.

And people say Tumblr doesn’t teach you life skills…

this will come in handy one day


Or….just….turn your assignments in on time

also a valid strategy




ah yes, the four main food groups: chinese takeaway, coffee, carbohydrates, and pussy

the four C’s

May 21 2018

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reasons my generation is so depressed:

  • sleep deprivation due to early school start times
  • the economy
  • oppression
  • high tensions between different political/social/racial/etc groups
  • technology/social media means constant updates on bad news
  • politics, made worse by the aforementioned constant updates
  • the state of the environment
  • education as it is right now not preparing us sufficiently for the outside world
  • pressure to grow up very quickly
  • parenting/teaching/etc trends in the previous generation(s)
  • competitiveness in schools, social media and other aspects of life
  • the world in general that the last few generations have constructed for us

NOT reasons my generation is so depressed:

  • we’re weak and lazy and we can’t get off our phones uwu
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something that people really dont understand about ADHD is that we dont “jump from one idea to the next”

we have very fast, very associative minds that connect ideas. we have a train of thought, it just goes WAY faster than yours!

example: im thinking about dogs. that makes me think of pitbulls, which makes me think of an animal planet show i enjoy. the show connects to tv in general, which makes me think of my favorite cartoon. i associate my favorite cartoon with art and animation, and i wind up thinking about shading techniques.

TL;DR: having ADHD is kinda like playing a lifelong game of 7 Degrees of Kevin Bacon

“having ADHD is like playing a lifelong game of 7 degrees of Kevin Bacon” is one of the most accurate and easy to understand things I’ve ever heard about ADHD.

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I don’t think I have ever seen a dog show straight up unabashed disgust to anything.

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do u ever get a message or a comment that like isn’t OVERTLY sexual but it’s in the subtext and even though it seems completely innocent your kink alarm bell rings something like

“you’re so cute! would love to see a photo of you in some red sneakers!”

like…..that’s too specific to be innocuous…………. .

god i love this

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